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Kim Kardashian Called Fat And A ?hobbit? On ?south Park? [video]

On last nights episode of the long running animated series a character named Butters rejects getting involved with a female friend whom he calls too fat. It might appear at first to be an example of offensive image stereotypes but soon the external link comment would turn to be more complex. Another character, Wendy, proceeded to denounce Kim Kardashian as overweight and http://www.cluptr.com/index.php?do=/profile-22160/info/ fat in reality, also calling her a Hobbit. Still waiting for information about how this conclusion was reached. Of course the South Park creators could not stop there. Certainly they foresaw that a jab at Kim would not be dealt with lightly by her fiancee Kanye West. Next the show hilariously depicted West indulging in one of his recently trademark, explosively self loving speeches. Clearly these were inspired by some of Kanyes interviews over the past couple months. In the episode, the fictitious West cannot properly defend Kims body, leaving the claim of Kim as a fat Hobbit clear to stand in the South Park universe. In other news Kim Kardashian has reported that she has lost nearly 50 pounds after her pregnancy, but others say her cover photo on US Weekly was airbrushed.
Full story: http://guardianlv.com/2013/12/kim-kardashian-called-fat-and-a-hobbit-on-south-park-video/

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