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Kevin Hart Wishes He Was A Little Bit Taller [video]

Kevin-Hart-Carmelo-Anthony-Chris-Paul In a promo for one of several movies he has coming out in the next http://www.savingsdaily.com/post/shawn-portwood-slams-farrah-abrahams-line-of-sex-toys-its-helping-pervs few months, Ride Along, Kev reprises Skee-Los 1995 hit, I Wish, as he lives out his hoop dreams with NBA ballers Carmelo Anthony, Andre Iguiodola, Chris Paul and his co-star Ice Cube. I wish I could reach the top shelf/so I could teach Kobe to not see me as a Christmas elf, he raps. I just need a foot or two. Then LeBron/ it is on/and coming for you. Watch the full video below. Must Watch: Kevin Hart Im Not A Killer, But Ill Mess You Up! [EXCLUSIVE] Hart also read more recently announced that he will be starring in a film with LeBron James called Ballers and will going for his third consecutive MVP trophy at the NBA All Star Celebrity game this February. Stay tuned to TheUrbanDaily.com for our exclusive interview with Kev where he talks about his preparations to defend his title. Watch the original I Wish by Skee-Lo: RELATED:
Full story: http://theurbandaily.com/2013/12/21/kevin-hart-nba-wish/

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